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Alone is a casual end-game raiding guild on Aerie Peak. Composed of some of the servers finest, we intend to do our best, while maintaining a laid back atmosphere. We raid from 7 - 10.30 pm EST Friday and Saturday. We are always looking for highly skilled and motivated players, so please apply. Thanks for visiting our website!

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H Xavius

by kaylii, 6 days ago


We Uncorrupted Xavius' Nightmare


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The Legion Awaits

by kaylii, 79 days ago


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Mythic: Archimonde

by Tahlostoo, 250 days ago

And they all fall down!


Great job to everyone in Alone on completing the tier! <3 Everyone who helped us make it happen.



Mythic Archimonde



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Mythic Mannoroth

by Tahlostoo, 288 days ago

We aren't afraid of the Gaze!

Mythic Mannoroth

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Mythic: Xhul'horac

by Tahlostoo, 304 days ago

We went to the void and lived to tell the tale!


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Tyrant Velhari

by Tahlostoo, 332 days ago

She took our movement and our health, so we took her head!


Tyrant Velhari

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