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re: Guild Policies



Raid Policy

The guild currently only raids relevant 20 man Mythic content. Anything beyond that is free game. Once our raid week is over after raid on Saturday night, you are free to PUG if you are not saved to our ID. We host several alt runs and encourage everyone to participate in them as well.



We use Warcraftlogs and they will be posted after raid every night. All raiders are expected to monitor their own performance and improve accordingly. If you are noticed to be underperforming consistently, you will be notified and expected to address the issue of concern. It is your job to know your class, spec, glyphs and how to maximize your performance for each encounter. Come prepared and min-maxed to every raid.


Raid Farm

As with any guild, we run a bench. If you are not currently in the raid, and need something specific off a boss, whisper Kaylii or Rachel the boss name and the item you need. Do not ask us in guild chat, raid chat, say, yell, or General chat. It’s much easier to keep track of whispers rather than 10 different channels. If you are sitting and not in groups 1-4, you may do whatever you want. We would like you to be in groups 6-8 so we can easily see you are there but it is not mandatory, as long as you will be ready on a moment’s notice if we call you in. There will be no "wait 5 more minutes for this arena match". There are 19+ people waiting on you, and we expect you to respect everyone’s time.



We do not have a formal attendance policy, but we do expect people to show up consistently and attendance is tracked. Knowing when people can and cannot make raids is key to being able to function effectively as a raiding guild. We expect ALL raiders and guild members to use the AFK forum or Discord and report their absences in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will result in demotion and revocation of raider status and privileges.


Raid Consumables


Everyone will be expected to be fully buffed with the best flask and food available for every pull. We provide Flask and Food, but always be prepared with your own, if you are late you are still expected to flask, if you miss cauldron. If you are not properly prepared, you will be mercilessly harassed by an addon. Pre-potting is expected.



The guild provides free enchants for all main spec raiding gear. All raider ranked members will have access to withdraw armor enchants from the guild bank. If the enchant you need is missing from the guild bank, simply let Kaylii know.



All raider ranked members will have access to withdraw money from the guild bank for guild repairs. This amount is not set in stone and as the guild’s income increases from sales, the amount will be raised accordingly.

Loot & Gear

Loot Distribution

We use loot council to distribute loot. Factors that go into consideration include but are not limited to: upgrade amount, attendance, raid benefit, and equity. While gear is important as a reward system, it should not be the end all be all. We believe loot council is the most effective way to distribute gear in a holistic manner that benefits the guild as a whole. We will try to keep loot distribution fair and reasonable, but we are human and we do make mistakes. If you have any concerns over gear distribution such as the importance of a certain piece or discontent over past decisions, please talk to an officer about it. Good communication is key to both a healthy guild and effective loot council and we want to keep a 2-way channel of communication.

Generally, raiders will get priority over trials. However, trials may still be eligible and should choose the appropriate option on the UI after a boss kill (see below). For loot distribution we use the addon RClootcouncil, which is mandatory. Please download and setup the addon so you can get your purples.




As long as max user limit isn't reached feel free to use channels for whatever you want. There are various ranks in discord, and different voice channels. Please keep to the public voice channel if you are using it for a PuG (within reason). We reserve the right to ban anyone we see fit if problems arise.


This Game is for FUN!

This is a game, and it is meant to be fun. If you are making it UN-FUN for others and raising hell, you will be warned. Afterwards, the next and last step is removal. We’re all here to enjoy ourselves and no one should be doing it at the expense of someone else.


Attitude & Respect

Respect everyone. This means people in and outside of the guild. Trolling the forums, trade, general, etc. will not be tolerated. Our reputation directly impacts our ability to recruit, sell, and function as a guild. In short, don’t be a dickhead and keep it civil. Chat and Discord might not be “PG-13” but there is a limit of what is acceptable. Racism, sexism, and disgusting sexual innuendos will not be tolerated.

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