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Alone is a casual end-game raiding guild on Aerie Peak. Composed of some of the servers finest, we intend to do our best, while maintaining a laid back atmosphere. We raid from 6 - 9.30 pm EST Friday and Saturday. We are always looking for highly skilled and motivated players, so please apply. Thanks for visiting our website!

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Hellfire Citadel

by Tahlostoo, 15 days ago

A new era begins...

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Mythic Blackhand

by Eneia, 52 days ago


Mythic Blackhand killed. So proud to finish another tier. Thanks to everyone in Alone for sticking through <3



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Mythic Blast Furnace

by Eneia, 91 days ago

9/10 Mythic - Blackhand, here we come!




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Mythic Iron Maidens

by Eneia, 101 days ago

The trio didn't hold us back too long - 8/10 mythic!



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Mythic Operator Thogar

by Eneia, 111 days ago

In other news almost a week ago... trains got wrecked!



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Mythic Kromog

by Eneia, 125 days ago

Mythic Kromog!



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